I am in the business of making people happy. To do this, I’ve revived the art of reproducing vintage automobile and motorcycle rims. I can manufacture a wide range of vintage wheel rims, belt rims and bolts, and even offer my services lacing and truing, as well as dimpling and drilling of wheels.

"The passion for me comes from the chance to be involved in helping people restore their pride and joy."

I’m lucky to have over 45 years as a fitter and turner under my belt, and 50 or so years of being around antique vehicles, which has left me with a broad knowledge of the similarity between makes, early manufacturers and production methods. 

Couple this with high quality Australian made material I am fortunate to have access to, and the machinery and tools I have collected over the years and you get the perfect recipe to manufacture world class rims. If I can do my bit with an essential part such as the wheels, it’s a satisfying journey for everyone involved.


Steve hood
Owner / operator
vintage rims australia